Color Sets The Mood

Some things are very subjective.  My wife loves guacamole and I think it’s...well, to put it very nicely,  not so great. Some guys I know love the look of their Chevy trucks while I am a Dodge guy.  And certain colors affect people differently as well. Certain reds are very calming to my wife while they just get me agitated.

While I love the top photo, I should since I took it, the colors are not calming to me at all.  I don’t really look at this photo that hangs in my home in the evening because I can’t relax. But, my wife finds the colors to be very relaxing.  As a matter of fact, she say’s the colors make her feel “warm and fuzzy.”

In contrast, what do you think of the golds and yellows in the next photo?   I find these colors to be very calming, the golds and yellows soothing. And the warmth of the main colors are balanced by the cool water of the falls in the bottom left and the blacks of the foreground in the rocks and the tree silhouettes.

One customer say’s she loves this photo because she can get lost in it for a few minutes and can literally feel the stress melt away.

Golds and yellows are very calming colors that suggest peace, calm or even a summertime feel.  While the above yellows are very bright and eye catching, the gold is very peaceful.

As you look at art to purchase for your home or office, what feeling are you going for?  What mood? For some, the reds, yellows and oranges of the top photo might work great in a sales room where you want to get your people motivated. While the colors in the bottom photo might go better in an office or in a room in your home where you want to relax.  

Color can very much set the mood so pick art with colors that sets the mood and feel that you want for the space. An office entryway with lots of energy might want the highly motivational colors of the top photo to show they are a go-get-’em place of business.  While a doctor or dentist office would want to help their patients calm down and relax and the golds/yellows of the bottom photo would be just right.

Through the Mist - Copyweb.jpg