Ummmm....what's wrong with this picture...?

So why I am sitting in the sand taking photos right in front of my tripod rather than using my tripod?

Good question. As you can see…

20190504_194152 - web.jpg

… the sun is getting low, the light is fabulous and I had set my tripod and camera up for the “winning” sunset shot. The sun was still high enough in the sky for me to run around like a crazy man and shoot different compositions. But I knew the camera on the tripod was going to be a great photo, so I left it set up, knowing I had only to get back to the tripod when the sun was just over the mountains and make the photo.

This is a really great way to make sure you use the “golden hour” time efficiently, especially if you are in a gorgeous setting that you won’t get back to any time soon.

I did capture several more photos that I really like PLUS I got the sunset photo, click here, that I had set up to get.